The reason and causes of potential threats are many. Our effective safety concepts from light armor to maximum protection, from retrofitting to complete vehicle development are just one thing: uncompromising.


Security refers to a condition that is free of unacceptable risks or is considered or felt to be safe. Insecurity knows many facets. It is caused by a latent-real danger situation due to concrete threat potentials. Being unsafe can also be just an individual, abstract feeling. Security, both actual and perceived, is therefore dependent both on the specific circumstances and on personal sensitivities.

In vehicle construction, brabus|automotive uses technical security as a means of individual, physical security, i.e. direct physical protection, even in a threat situation. The ultimate goal of any protection concept of course and above all is – in addition to providing a sense of security – to minimize potential risks for the protected person(s) and to create real security. Avoiding losing too much freedom and comfort is essential in this process.

This is a matter of balance. However, it is not least a question of the right concept. brabus|automotive develops protection concepts from light armor to maximum protection as individual and certified overall developments. All developments are geared to the specific multi-hit requirements of the strike face as well as to underblast and sideblast protection. At the same time, all developments naturally meet very individual customer requirements such as GPS positioning systems, remote controls, run-flat tires, self-sealing fuel tanks, filter systems, fresh air systems, anti-kidnapping functions, emergency exits, to name but a few.

Dealing with special-protection customers and special armoring technology requires utmost discretion. We are happy to substantiate this topic, but only in personal dialog.



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