The sum of all competences leads in the supreme discipline, development and production of complete vehicles. brabus|automotive is the general contractor for all development and production services along the entire product engineering process. The services include, for example:




Pre-development with planning of development scopes, coordination of requirements from the specification sheet, supplier selection, concept development and design assurance




Complete vehicle development with construction, shell construction including corrosion protection, interior and exterior, derivatives, armouring concept, E/E system integration, active and passive safety, prototype construction




Glazing, decoration, attachments, sealing concepts, lighting equipment, wheel and tire combinations, chassis




Validation of components for the serial process, tolerance management, DMU/PMU investigations, boundary samples reconciliation




Testing components and complete vehicle with climate change test, door and flap endurance run, component endurance run, corrosion test




ESP tuning, complete vehicle endurance run, EMC and antenna, brake-steering test, validation thermo-management, ergonomic validation




Certification / homologation




Quality management and assurance (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015) with document management, internal and external quality assurance, final check according to the highest OEM requirements, state-of-the-art leak testing system according to current OEM requirements




Test procedure according to all OEM specifications – Levelled spray irrigation 1200 L/m²/h
– Inclination left/right at 11 °
– Ascents and descents at 11 °

– Splash test 400 L/min
– High pressure test at 80 bar
– Endurance run eight hours in leveled position at 1200 L / m² / h



Internal and external logistics with an own truck fleet for parts and complete vehicles




Aftersales with 1st level support, 2nd level support and support portal




As well as the entire project management