Small-volume production at OEM level

brabus|automotive is the flexible full-service provider for single-unit automotive one-off products and small-series production runs with OEM-suitable manufacturing processes with the highest vertical integration in development and production. Precise. Intelligent. Fast.

As a general contractor, brabus|automotive realizes the most complex tasks of the automobile industry using the highest industry standards and, in particular, taking into account sensitive aspects such as resources, special processes and approval management. For over 40 years, BRABUS history has been characterized by vision, innovation and quality. Thus, the Bottrop-based think tank developed faster and ultimately further than the competition. BRABUS advanced into a specialized small-series manufacturer at the OEM level and finally to the acknowledged development partner of the automobile industry with expertise, technology and unorthodox concepts. Companies of the BRABUS Group were and are a guarantor of automotive inventiveness and high-performance products.

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